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Welcome to

Camp Hayden

Camp Hayden all started when Jason and Kami Chapa welcomed an amazing special needs boy named Hayden, into the world. Their lives were forever changed as they pushed for more adventure in Hayden’s life. They soon noticed the difficulties in providing real world experiences. When Hayden passed away in 2016, they started Camp Hayden to ensure that all other families struggling with adventure due to special needs, would feel the sense of enjoyment all the people around them do. Camp Hayden now offers a 4 week art program, a 3 day AMAZING camp, multiple days out on the lake and snake river, fun winter activities, and many small activities in between! Through these adventures, Camp Hayden strives to give the special needs community a sense of inclusion when it comes to adventure!

What are we?

Parents fighting for more life experiences for our special needs children. We provide day camps, fun adventures, and memories for entire families in our special needs community.



Families joining together to show support, helping you know you're not alone.



Family adventures to help you build memories! Hikes (YES! Even for the handi'capable'), sensory activities, and the great outdoors!



We strive to push you outdoors when it's so easy to stay inside! We love the mountains and currently work with a local lodge for day camps.

Want to help?

With every activity, we look for driven members of the community to help out! Donating your time by helping us with activities is a huge help for us! Let us know if you’d like to be a part of Camp Hayden.